Spiritual Astrology

Know your spiritual growth through Astrology

With the growth of cosmic consciousness, awareness of spiritual astrology grows. Queries come up regarding spiritual development. Search for answers and solutions begin.

A horoscope is not only a photo of your material and psychological world but also your spiritual world.

In a material world you identify yourself with your name and all that you come in contact through your senses. On psychological level you resemble yourself with your actions, behavior and thoughts. On spiritual level you start recognizing that part of yourself who is always present as evidence of material and psychological levels.

Since ages even sages were seeking astrologers to know about their spiritual path and progress.

You can get your horoscope made and watch your spiritual photo clearly, learn to interpret it and progress on the path you have chosen. The joy of growing consciousness through the light of the cosmos should shower on you. Feel blessed through the unique opportunity of knowing it and enjoying it.