Spiritual astrology answer questions about your present platform of existence and its movements like a pendulum toward outer and inner self.
It makes you aware of the karmic treasure. You are born with and how you are going to spend it.
It shows your firmness with your spiritual path and company of such persons. It shows your thankfulness for this birth and if this world will become your spiritual home. It also shows your love toward your cosmic mother. It shows if further lives will be born out of you, hindrances on your spiritual path, meeting the ultimate partner, stepping down to the world of darkness or stepping up to the world of light.
It shows if you will get blessings from a master and nature of activities to progress toward awareness.
It also shows how your karma account will look like at the end, the heritage you will leave behind and the brought forward balance you will carry with you.
It tells about your last sleep and if you get awakened for always and do not need sleep anymore.