Spiritual World

When consciousness grows one enjoys many new experiences. He has no interests in counting those.
Evolution goes on till one becomes evident of all that is changing from a stage of complete rest.
The solar system consists of the cosmos. Also, It is a part of it. At the sametime the cosmos consists of all what we are.
Like human beings planets also are constantly exchanging energies with the cosmos at material, psychological and spiritual levels.
The world is the projection of consciousness of all beings.
It reveals its laws to us when we are blessed with the growth of consciousness. We not only come to know the rules of the game all around us. We start playing it with the game spirit at its supreme.
All what we know is the junction of a cosmos and its origin. That is why everyone himself is the complete source of knowing cosmos and its origin.
The knowledge of the cosmos in human beings is not an addition but the awareness of it.
Thirst of this knowledge is the first inclination toward development of spiritual astrology.
Surprise and wisdom occur at this stage simultaneously. Unknown forces guide you. You wonder. The door connecting boundaries a nd freedom of the cosmos open. One starts enjoying the smooth movement of energies in material, psychological and a spiritual world.
Those involved in the queries and answers with the spiritual world of astrology and such activities should be called spirtualogers.
A Materialoger is more engaged with the material world but less with the psychological world. The spiritual world for him is of least interest.
A psychologer is engaged with material and psychological world but less with the spiritual world.
A spiritualoger is engaged with material, psychological and a spiritual world equally and spontaneously.
An enlightened Astrologer is one who has known all levels and components of the cosmos and its source.
He knows the expressed part of the cosmos not only in its wave form but also in its light form.
He also knows the unexpressed part of the cosmos in its silent form.