Material World

Most people have queries about daily affairs. They relate their interests with a material world. Food, living, family, relations, money and work problems are at the prior stage. Engagement with worldly matters shows which part of the conscious mind is awaken in one. Their questions and answers are concerned with the material world. Those involved more in such matters should be known as materialogers.
Need of clarification of obstacles and success at this stage is important? This is the main world one lives in. Daily problems, its origin and its solution become the platform of all activities.
Material Astrology shows when these problems occur, its nature and the matter they relate it with or with the relation it matters to one. Material Astrology also shows how long those problems remain and suggests solutions to those.
The remedial part of Astrology is also important. One cannot stop the rain but the instinct of the cloudy weather makes one aware to carry an umbrella with him. As all parent know how important such suggestions are for children so the astrologers with a developed conscious mind shower his love by suggesting remedial solutions to his seekers.
When you get cured, you feel like suggesting the same medicine to all who get the same problem. Also, you praise the doctor. A wish to help others fills you with joy. A sign and proof of growing consciousness become evident.
As the developed conscious mind becomes curious of astrology, the knowledge of astrology helps the growth of consciousness.
These techniques are available for all as everyone has the possibility to know the cosmos he consists of. Each individual is the wholesome of cosmic laws and its actions.