Psychological World

The growth of the conscious mind makes one aware of his psychological world. One becomes watchful of thoughts and its materialization into actions. One starts getting awareness of the changing world, the exchange of energies between him and the cosmos. Every new experience looks like a result of development of the conscious mind. He starts naming those and counting.
Planets also have a developed conscious level and reflect cosmic properties at material, psychological and spiritual levels.
A horoscope is the photo shot of the cosmos. It is the junction where all components of a cosmos meet for a particular place, time and the individual. The transit of planets on a horoscope shows the further evaluation of the whole cosmos considering the individual as the center of it.
All actions before materializing assume form of thoughts in human beings. At psychological level these are first impulses known to us.
All our senses of perception and actions open outwards. That is why they always connect us with the world out of us. Only a journey inwards enables awakening the sleeping part of unconscious mind and lights up the real world of spiritual astrology. We perceive impulses through our senses. These pass through nervous system reach our mind. These impulses penetrate in conscious and unconscious mind, get mixed up with our memories and experiences, and reflect back to the outer world. They call this our behavior.
Psychological Astrology helps us recognizing these impulses. It gives answers about the blockages and obstacles on the way of these impulses, Its duration, the possibility of solutions and improvements of this system. You get aware of your attitudes, likings, feelings, satisfaction and behavior.
Those, who are more involved in the queries and answers with the psychological world of astrology, should be called psychologers.