The Supreme

A child speaks the language before we send him to school. The language he knows is in the sound format. He receives and reflects sound waves. This is his first, purest and original form of communication. This is also the most natural way of his expression. All sounds have strong impact on him. These sounds help him grow his conscious level of mind. These are Mantras.

In school he learns Alphabets, the symbols of those sounds. He starts recognizing those and drawing. Like the combination of Alphabets produces words, the combination of Elements produces different worlds. These are Yantras.

The grammar represents activities between words and activities represent exchange of energies among all units of the existence. He learns prose and poetry and enjoys the continuity of sound waves, Alphabets, their combination and grammar simultaneously. This is Tantra.

He enjoys the height of the language when his impulses become his own prose and poetry. The continuity and flow of words and grammar uplift him like a fountain. He is then in ecstasy in his expressions. This is the stage where tantrics wish to reach.

Soon he realizes that this all is happening without his efforts. The source of all sounds produced through him is the Supreme Himself. His poetry becomes the language of God. This is Veda.