Planets and Spiritual Astrology

The flow of energy in all beings is either outwards or inwards. Karmas are activities which one does knowingly and unknowingly. These impulses originate from the Soul like rays from the Sun and come to its completion as activities.
The world we know is constantly changing. Human mind cannot think of anything which is totally static. The changing world is the last expression of the Soul known to us.
When wishes become active One becomes aware of the impulses coming up in form of thoughts. Others realize these thoughts when transformed into actions.
Mercury governs the first expression of the Sun coming in our knowledge.
The beauty of it attracts and brings us in wonder. It is Venus.
This moment does not remain. The waver and unstable character of these impulses go on changing. This is the Moon.
Energies responsible for these changes prove their existence. This is Mars.
We then clearly know these impulses converted into thoughts. This is Jupiter.
Others recognize these thoughts when transferred into actions. This is the Saturn.
The world known to us is thus the contribution of actions of all individuals.
The cosmos is the contribution of all worlds known and unknown to us.
God is the cosmos and its origin.
The outward flow of energies thus leads us to God.
The inward flow of energies leads us to God too.
Activities ( Saturn) when influenced by thoughts ( Jupiter ) giving direction ( Mars ), help penetrating mind (Moon ), transcending all attractions ( Venus ) and guided by the intellect ( Mercury) help us reach the soul ( Sun ).
These impulses move like a pendulum in the cosmos.
In human beings the amplitude of this movement can reach at maximum. Possibilities of reaching highest level of consciousness in him are great.
Taking the outward path is materialistic while inward a path is spiritualistic. The Ego and separation guide the materialistic way while the Guru and unity guide the spiritual way.
The horoscope shows if the direction of a person will be materialistic or spiritual.