Mind does not know anything which is
totally static or never changing.
Mind knows only movements.
Peace is there where Mind
settles down with its activities.
Mind is always aware of actions.
The life thus known to us is a flow.
We know activities of the Mind in form of thoughts.
Thoughts have a character.
They come and go even if we do not try to think.
Also they do not stop if we try.
A try is an action.
So we get busy with activities and there
no end to this cycle.

A synchronized and harmonious flow with life activities
is another way to achieve peace.
The crossing points where mind and worldly activities meet in harmony
are short and seldom aware to us.

Peace realized thus unconsciously leaves its taste
and thirst to achieve that state permanent.

The art of living is to flow in harmony with life.

The real knowledge is the ocean of peace from where
all activities appear on a surface and disappear in it again.