Healing Through Spiritual Astrology

Actions may heal or hurt. Each action is either constructive or destructive. Destruction may be the beginning of the construction.
In material only changes take place. A watchful stage, where constructions or destructions are only smooth changes, is a healthy state. An unhealthy person is always aware of his obstacles. These are the malfunctions of a limb in body. In nervous system those disturb the flow of impulses. In mind they bring thoughts to a jam. All Planets of the solar system also influence activities in body, nervous system and mind.
Healing is the removal of obstacles and health is the harmonious flow of impulses between individual and cosmos. Disharmony shows the unbalanced state of cosmic components in an Individual. It also shows disturbances in the communication among such cosmic components. One can remove these obstacles and disturbances can be calmed down by the proper help through planetary influence.
An unbalanced state shows either scarcity or abundance of an Element. The developed conscious mind guides us how to gain these Elements from Planets and/or to sacrifice the excess of it to the right Planets.
Each Planet expresses its domain through Cosmic individuals. It shows its representation in all cosmic units through its properties. The knowledge of recognizing the nearest and easiest source of these Elements and using those in proper doses and timing brings the best and fastest healing results.
We can develop our complete awareness through spiritualogy and lead a healthy, happy and harmonious life.
We only have to look at the hidden treasure within us. He has focussed the light of great knowledge on it for ever. We are constantly looking towards light which blend our eyes and we miss the treasure.