Once the King of a planet felt that they did not inform his people enough about all what was happening. He made a special ministry to find more new means and use fully all available possibilities to spread the knowledge. He also decided to publish the largest newspaper ever brought out and strictly ordered that everybody follow new laws. Each person was supposed to report every day what happened new in his life.
Results were astonishing everyone. Unemployment sank. The graph of social evils came down. Almost everybody was busy either reporting his events or reading the newspaper.
A team of journalists of that newspaper once visited Earth in a spacecraft to collect reports. They were surprised to see the heavenly atmosphere on Earth. People living on Earth were simple and required only what needed. They knew nothing more.
One of those journalists, I have heard, felt in love and decided to live on Earth. He married and got children. Since then, his gene is crossed with human beings on Earth.
The ripe land on Earth once ready for right cultivation is now full of new kinds of vegetation, fruits and flowers.
On Earth everybody is now informing others of what is new in many new ways.